Undergraduate studies

Bachelor Vatel
International Hotel Management

Manager en Hôtellerie internationale

  • French State Level II certified degree  
  • Total number of credits: 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
Bachelor Vatel - International Hotel Management

Management 1

 1st semester > Academic courses

 Semester 2 > internship

• Management I • Marketing I • Human Ressources I • Information technology I • Corporate Economy • Professional Culture • Self Image • Nutrition I • French wine vintages • Introduction to Corporate Life • English I • German or Spanish I • Practical applications • F&B Environment  • Hospitality Industry Environment

• Operational internship in a company
• Duration 4/5 months

* For information only

• In Europe: €400.00 net per month, full room and board

 60 ECTS credits

Management 2

 3rd semester > Academic courses

Semester 4 > internship

• Management II • Marketing II • Human Resources Management II • Information technology II • Hotel Law • Corporate Law • Tourism Economy • Economic Environment • English II • German or Spanish II • Professional Current Events • Nutrition II • Worldwide Wine Vintages • Oral Communication • Professional Applications • Management I Internship report

• An operational internship in a European or international company
• Duration 4/5 months

* For information only
• In Europe: €450.00 net per month, full room and board

60 ECTS credits

Management 3

5th semester > Academic courses

6th semester > Optional internship

• Management and IT Systems III • Marketing III • Human Resources Management III • Facilities and Equipment for Tourists • Information Technology III • Crossing Cultures • English III • German or Spanish III • European Institutions • European Drinks • European Culinary Culture • Taxation • Negociation • Practical Managerial Applications • Promoting your Company • Management II Internship report

• An operational or managerial internship in a European or international company
• Duration: 5/6 months

* For information only
• In Europe: €450.00 net per month, full room and board

60 ECTS credits

*Internship stipends are for information only. Amounts indicated are not contractual and can vary from one internship to another, according to the host country.

Required level for admission:

Baccalaureate + entrance exam

Duration of studies:

3 years

Educational goals:

In an international environment, mastering managerial, team-leading and management techniques. Developing professional, legal, economic and linguistic abilities with the goal of being an operational manager in a company.

Degrees prepared:

Bachelor Vatel - International Hotel Management
Manager en Hôtellerie internationale
State level II degree registered in the National Repertory of Professional Certifications by the April 5, 2012 by-law set forth by the French Minister of Labor, Employment and Health and published in the French Republic Official Journal on April 14, 2012. Read more


Equivalent recognized certifications

European or international agreements

• Licence de Management hôtelier

• Licence professionnelle

• Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management

• Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism

This degree can be obtained by the French VAE (Validation of Professional Experience) process.

For additional information on the Bachelor Vatel International Hotel Management / Manager en Hôtellerie Internationale

 - European Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management
Degree issued by Eurhodip



Students are introduced to marketing, human resources, management, professional culture, and acquire experience at school in the restaurant, in culinary production techniques, banqueting constraints, etc. before finishing their academic year by an internship in the country in which they are studying.


Management I
- Basic accounting techniques.
- Understanding how administration is a managerial tool, and being able to use a dashboard, a profit and loss statement.

Marketing I
- Introduction to basic Marketing techniques to understand and analyze their importance in a company.

Human Resources I
- Initiation to basic Human Resources Management techniques and understanding the importance of this in the framework of a hotel structure.

Computer Sciences I
- Initiation to the use of Internet and techniques of finding information at the workplace.
- Introduction to software tools used in hotel management.

Corporate Economy
- Understanding the concept of a company and the place that it holds in the economic environment.

Professional Culture
- Understanding the past to anticipate the future.
- Learning to be curious, to use professional as well as general press and media.

- Owning one’s image, being mindful of it, having self-confidence to boost your image to others.
- Learning how to assert yourself while respecting others.

Nutrition I
- Designed balanced menus that take into account recommended nutritional requirements for adolescents, adults and those who do sports.
-Identifying solutions that improve the nutritional quality of menus in restaurants.

French Wine Vintages
- Acquisition of “wine logic,” understanding what wine really is.
- Being able to give advice to customers on what wine to drink with any given dish.

Introduction to Corporate Life
- Discovering companies in the hotel sector and how they are run through tours and conferences.

English I
- Transition from school learned English to professional communication.

Spanish or German I
- Acquisition of basic communication vocabulary and professional vocabulary.

Practical Applications
- Learning how to work in a restaurant, at the Front Desk, in the kitchens and in the pastry laboratory.

F&B and Hotel Environment
- Acquiring general knowledge on restaurants, catering and hotels.


While continuing to gain knowledge, students are introduced to practical managerial situations by managing 1st year students and being supervised by 3rd year students. They gain confidence and do an internship in a foreign country.

The Marco Polo Program: Students have the possibility of doing their second year of studies in another Vatel School, after their Home School has validated this project.
> For additional information the Marco Polo program

Management II
- Mastering financial management tools used in a hotel environment.

Marketing II
- Introduction to operational marketing.

Human Resources II
- Learning how to draw up and understand contracts as well as talent management.

Computer Sciences II
- Producing complex analytical computerized documents applied to hotel management.

Hotel and Corporate Law
- Understanding the laws governing hotel activities and commercial activities carried out by companies.

Tourism Economy
- Becoming aware of the complementarity between the hotel and tourism sectors as well as the possibility that large groups, have more and more, to work in both of these sectors.

Economic Environment
- Awareness of economic mechanisms.
- Acquisition of specific vocabulary.

English II
- Introduction to the Anglo-Saxon hospitality industry, acquisition of linguistic autonomy, preparation for the internship in an English-speaking country, and increasing knowledge about all English-speaking countries.

Spanish or German II
- Further acquisition of basic communication vocabulary and professional vocabulary.
- Learning how to identity and manage different types of customers in these foreign languages.

Professional Current Events
- Using the first year courses to understand current trends.
- Learning how to speak about and justify new products and concepts.

Nutrition II
- Implementing food safety principles in the restaurant and catering services.
- Conducting a sensory analysis.

Worldwide Wine Vintages
- Discovery of the “Vineyard Geography” and Worldwide wine vintages.

Oral Communication
- Mastering oral communication through role playing.

Professional Applications
- Mastering catering, culinary art and hotel management techniques.


Students have acquired all necessary fundamentals. Students now assume the role of a manager in leading teams at school.
They increase their analytical capacities, use all of their knowledge acquired in the first two years, design strategies and make their first decisions.


Management and IT Systems III
- Introduction to “Cost Control” functions

Marketing III
- Applying strategic marketing.
- Comprehending the Marketing Mix and its new strategies.
- Understanding new strategies such as Revenue and Yield Management.

Human Resources Management III
- Mastering HR operational tools used by management in Hotels and Restaurants.

Facilities and Equipment for Tourists
- Discovery of the European tourist areas through its organization and using concrete examples of famous landmarks and facilities for tourists.
- Using statistics and graphic tools, as well as cinematographic documents and Internet.

Computer Sciences III
- Mastering data base software used in Hotel and Restaurant management.

Crossing Cultures
- Awareness of the diversity of cultures and understanding them.
- Comprehending various managerial methods used throughout the world.
- Knowing how to manage multicultural teams.

English III
- Oral communication in professional Management and Marketing situations.

Spanish or German
- Oral communication in foreign languages in professional Management and Marketing situations.

European Culture
- Further knowledge in beverages, culinary culture and European laws.

- Becoming aware of taxation issues in a hotel: legislative sources, taxation, results, sales tax, equity and payroll taxes.

- Learning the basics in negotiation, preparing to negotiate agreements at different levels in a company, whether this concerns HR management with employees, or internal negotiations (finance for example) or external negotiations with suppliers.

Practical Managerial Applications
- Learning how to lead a team in the restaurant or in the hotel.
- Applying theoretical knowledge in sales, human resources and cost control.

Promoting a Company
- Mastering promotion and corporate communication techniques to boost the company’s image


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