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Hospitality: the field with a thousand facets - Vatel

Hospitality: the field with a thousand facets

Serving others is a priceless quality in the hospitality industry, but not just there. Students with a degree in hotel management are attractive to employers: their qualities make them champions in all types of professions.


More and more, instead of saying “hotel and tourism management,” people are using a word that describes it: “hospitality,” which invokes serving others more generally speaking. Thus, in Anglo-Saxon countries, the word “hospitality” of course refers to accommodations and restaurant services, but also special events, amusement parks, or even cruises.

Far from just a mere change in vocabulary, this is a true evolution in the sector. Many companies, in neighboring fields, put irreproachable service at the core of their professions: three Vatel alumni are the living proof of this.

On land and in the airs

A young graduate, Merwan Bouvous addresses needs of a demanding client base on a daily basis: those using LunaJets, one of Europe’s leading private aviation courtiers.  Why was he hired by this company? “The fact that I was fluent in several languages, as well as my facilities of comprehension, speedy performance, and my sales know-how.” He adds that “this close link to the hospitality industry” is what attracted him to his current job.

 “It’s not quite high-class hospitality, but it’s almost the same thing.” Merwan Boufous

Serving our elders

Chloe Wu, who moved back to China after having spent three years at Vatel Nimes, had a brilliant career in hospitality before being hired by a totally different company. Today she is the Merrill Gardens-Great China Marketing Manager, an American company of residences for senior citizens. 

“Between serving the elderly and the hospitality industry, there’s one point in common, and that’s service. What I learned at Vatel - serving clients with care and consideration - helps me when serving our seniors,” she says.

On the field!

And let’s have a look at sports, with Coralie Ruffon: after having spent several years in the hospitality industry in Geneva, this Vatel Lyon alumnus was recruited by the UEFA: “I joined the department that takes care of internal events: that way I still had my ‘hospitality’ cap on. 

And I’m still working in a service-based profession as my colleagues are customers for whom I organize international events.”

Other professionals

Bartumeu Gabriel, a Vatel Andorra professor, now is the General Manager of a bus company, Nadal in Andorra, after extensive experience in hospitality: a hotel manager, operations manager, deputy restaurant services manager, etc. “I was the regional manager for McDonald’s group for 13 years. I learned a lot about management and I use this knowledge in my current job. Everything I learned in hospitality management is transversal and can be used in all types of service-based jobs.

”Bartumeu Gabriel says that Vatel students and alumni have many assets that allow them to stand out they’re being interviewed for jobs. “They have two key qualities: good interpersonal contacts and people-oriented skills,” he adds. Ideal profiles for any company where taking care of others is a key activity. 

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 Photos © LunaJets - DR

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